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Infostellar, Paradise Make Ground Station Platform and Modem Interoperable

By | February 5, 2019
A visualization of StellarStation. Photo: Infostellar

A visualization of StellarStation. Photo: Infostellar

Infostellar and Teledyne Paradise Datacom (Paradise) revealed the interoperability of Infostellar’s ground station sharing platform, StellarStation, with the QubeFlex Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite modem — a flagship product of Paradise.

Infostellar and Paradise aim to provide LEO satellite operators and ground station owners with a single system able to integrate with existing ground stations by installing StarPass, Infostellar’s sharing device, at the ground station site. This device helps provides a link between the ground station hardware and StellarStation, which in turn allows Infostellar to rent unused antenna idle time from ground stations and supply it to satellite customers.

This interoperability between the QubeFlex modem and StellarStation helps bridge an access gap in the current market. According to the release, the interoperability enables a much larger swath of smaller end users globally to affordably access cubesat data, without a capital investment in earth station equipment, while also giving ground station operators the opportunity to sell unused capacity.