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Walton De-Icing Systems to Protect Major US Teleports

By | August 29, 2018
Walton De-Icing Systems to Protect US Teleports

Image Courtesy of Walton De-Ice

Earth station weather protection solutions provider Walton De-Ice won a contract to provide de-icing systems to a major U.S. teleport. US Electrodynamics (USEI) will add Walton’s Plenum Hot-Air De-Icing systems to its new antennas to protect its teleports during the winter season.

USEI, headquartered in Brewster, Washington, provides government, commercial and private satellite and terrestrial teleport network services, including telemetry tracking and control, broadcast video, mobility, Geostationary Orbit (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO) tracking and Internet services. USEI’s Brewster Teleport in Washington State and Vernon Valley Teleport in New Jersey serve as connectivity gateways to the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean regions, as well as the contiguous United States. USEI currently operates eight Walton De-Ice systems on C- and Ku-Band antennas ranging in size from 4.8 to over 13 meters.

“Due to growing demand, USEI is adding two new antennas equipped with Walton De-Ice systems at our Vernon Valley teleport to serve Ka-Band and other growth markets. We continue to choose Walton De-Ice because of their industry-proven reliability combined with customer service, technical support, and affordability,” USEI General Manager Darryl White said in a statement.