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Cobham Satcom Wins Contract to Provide Multi-band Antennas for US DoD 

By Rachel Jewett | November 21, 2023

A rendering of Cobham Satcom’s Tracker antenna in a desert. Photo: Cobham Satcom

Cobham Satcom has received a multi-year contract with a U.S. prime contractor for multi-band antennas in its Tracker series. Cobham announced the deal with the unnamed prime on Tuesday, and said the deal has a minimum value of at least $10 million, with annual renewal options. 

The deal is for land-based, 2.4 meter Tracking antennas. Cobham said these antennas can track multi-band, multi-orbit satellites in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium-Earth Orbit (MEO), Geostationary Orbit, and Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO). 

The antennas will be used to support U.S. Department of Defense programs for improved operations and communications. The systems will be deployed globally, supporting assured battlespace awareness.