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OneWeb Forms Government Subsidiary With Completed TrustComm Acquisition 

By | September 23, 2021
Photo: OneWeb.

Photo: OneWeb

OneWeb has completed its acquisition of satellite service provider TrustComm, the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) operator announced Sept. 21. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

OneWeb announced the deal in May 2021, just after signing a distribution partner agreement with the company. The acquisition is intended to open up channels to provide services to TrustComm’s U.S. government and enterprise clients. 

TrustComm will become OneWeb Technologies Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of OneWeb, led by TrustComm CEO Bob Roe. 

OneWeb said that it has a proxy agreement with the United States government for the subsidiary to provide governments of the “Five Eyes” alliance (U.S., U.K. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand); NATO; the U.N. and other strategic partners with satellite connectivity. 

“By joining OneWeb, OneWeb Technologies is positioned to serve clients, existing and new, who are seeking faster network speeds, lower latency, more compact multi-orbit user terminals and built-in network management tools with security at all levels of the architecture,” commented Roe. 

Separately, QuadSAT announced this week that it is working with OneWeb to perform verification of its ground segment antennas. QuadSAT has carried out an antenna validation campaign at the Telespazio teleport in Scanzano, Italy. QuadSAT used its drone-based system in the tests for antenna testing and calibration.