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AWS to Help Greece Establish a National Space Industry, Startup Support Program

By Jeffrey Hill | August 4, 2021

Photo by Amazon Web Services

The government of Greece is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build what is describing as “a vibrant, sustainable, competitive, and innovative space hub in Greece as a key part of the country’s digital transformation goals,” according to an Amazon announcement posted Wednesday.

Greece’s Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance and its Ministry of Development and Investment signed a statement of strategic intent with AWS that includes educational and workforce development initiatives to meet the nation’s goals for a Hellenic space economy.

AWS and the Greek government will co-create programs that will aim to educate and train space professionals in the Greek aerospace community. AWS said it would provide these professionals with free access to its AWS Activate platform, which connects global startup accelerators, angel investors and venture capital firm to provide startups with free AWS credits, technical support, training, resources.

The Greek government and AWS will also create an AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program in Greece that will allow the nation’s space data professionals and organizations to access, collaborate, and store qualified space-related data and assets on AWS’ Registry of Open Data.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the ministries on these initiatives, designed to support the country’s ongoing focus on innovation in aerospace and technology,” said AWS Director of European Public Sector Projects Cameron Brooks. “This agreement builds on our existing commitment to support Greece’s growing digital economy.”