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Get Sat, R4 Integration Develop C-130 Multipurpose Hatch System

By | July 14, 2020

Milli SAT EX for C130 Hercules. Photo: Get Sat Communications

Get Sat and R4 Integration, a provider of airborne roll-on/roll-off and shoulder mount communication systems for U.S. and partner government aircraft, revealed Tuesday that the completion and airworthiness certification of their C-130 Multi-Purpose Hatch System (MPHS).

Developed to support roll-on/roll-off requirements of special operations customers and to alleviate design concerns of large radomes, the low-profile Ka-band MPHS provides enroute planning C5I support to SOF on all C-130/L-100 variants of aircraft. Additionally, the commercial and military Ka-band solution reduces weight by 50% from previous hatch mount solutions.

Based on the micronized Milli SAT terminal that replaces large and bulky alternatives consisting of multi-modem and control units, the solution leverages Get Sat’s flat panel antenna technologies to enable fully autonomous operation for high bandwidth data rates.

According to Get SAT Vice President of North America, Jason Stephens, “The newest MPHS solution from Get Sat and R4 provides a seamless transition of planning for direct action forces from the forward operating base through transit to the target. Historically, direct action troops, once airborne, lost situational awareness on the battlefield. Now, however, they will have access to real-time ISR, intelligence updates and direct communication with commanders.”