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ESA Imagery Contract Given to Deimos Imaging

By | July 13, 2018
ESA’s Headquarters in Paris, France. Photo: Deimos Imaging

ESA’s Headquarters in Paris, France. Photo: Deimos Imaging

A consortium led by Airbus Defense and Space, and involving Planet, IGN-France and Space4environment, awarded a multi-million Euro contract to UrtheCast and its subsidiary Deimos Imaging, to provide a large set of Earth observation products and services to the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA). The exact value of the contract was not disclosed.

The contract, VHR IMAGE 2018, includes the collection, processing, and supply of cloud-free, seamless, very-high resolution imagery of six million square kilometers of more than 39 European countries.

European institutions and governments will use the data to implement environmental, land, and crisis management policies. European institutional users may also use the data for applications including the monitoring of biodiversity in riparian zones, coastal areas, protected areas, and updating land parcel identification systems.