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Airbus Defence and Space Provides Satcom for EDA Security Missions in Mali, Niger and Somalia

By | February 2, 2017
      EUTM Somalia. Photo: European Defence Agency (EDA)

      EUTM Somalia. Photo: European Defence Agency (EDA)

      As part of the EU SatCom Market framework contract, which the European Defense Agency (EDA) recently awarded to Airbus Defence and Space, the company is delivering satellite communications systems for EU military Training Missions in Somalia (EUTM Somalia) as well as for the European Union Capacity-Building Mission (EUCAP) Sahel Niger and EUCAP Sahel Mali civilian missions. Led on behalf of the European Union, these missions aim to support the efforts of the respective governments to strengthen their stability and to respond to the security issues faced by their populations.

      Airbus Defence and Space teams have deployed C-band satcom systems between Europe and Somalia, Niger and Mali, as well as satellite-based mobile phone terminals to enable communications in Malian and Nigerien territories. The company is supplying the ground equipment, communications services and airtime.

      Airbus Defence and Space has been providing satcom services for the EDA since 2012. Recently, the organization renewed its framework contract for the provision of satcom for another four years in order to meet the military and civilian requirements of the European missions. This new EU SatCom Market contract now encompasses X-band and UHF-band military satcom services, in addition to commercial C-, Ku-, Ka- and L-band satcom services.

      The EU SatCom Market agreement allows EU member states to consolidate their requirements and purchase satellite communication capabilities in a coordinated manner, thus ensuring more economical and reliable access to satcom services, according to Airbus Defence and Space. Around 20 ministries of defense in Europe and EU organizations are taking part in this project, which allows them to equip themselves with satcom solutions and services across the globe.

      “The EU SatCom Market project has successfully developed since 2009 as a solution for interested members states and EU entities to access better quality satellite communications services, under better economic conditions, with less burden. It is a perfect example of how EDA can combine its industry knowledge, technical expertise and experience in procurement to support EU operations/missions and member states in their procurement procedures and save scarce resources at no additional cost,” said Roland Van Reybroeck, director cooperation planning and support at the European Defense Agency.