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Glowlink Rolls Out Single-Satellite Interference Geolocation Capability

By | September 29, 2010

      [Satellite TODAY 09-29-10] Glowlink has enhanced its geolocation products to include the capability to locate satellite interference emitters using a single satellite, the company announced Sept. 28.
          The single-satellite geolocation capability, which aims to eliminate end-user’s dependency on adjacent satellites in order to find the location of an interference, will be made available to Glowlink’s proprietary account customers.
          “Finding interference emitters using a single geostationary satellite is a highly sought after capability in the satellite communications industry, but it is exceedingly challenging to develop and requires an extraordinary amount of time, patience and technical expertise to pull it off.  We are proud and humbled by our quest in making this patent-pending capability a reality,” Glowlink CTO Michael Downey said in a statement.

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