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Russia Starts Busy 2009 Space Schedule With Launch of Solar Activity Satellite

By | December 31, 2008

      [Satellite Today 12-31-08] Roscosmos will launch its Complex Orbital Near-Earth Observations of Solar Activity (Coronas) satellite from the Baikonur space center in January 2009, RIA Novosti reported on Dec. 25.
          According to the report, a spokesman for Russia’s space agency said the orbital laboratory is meant to study the Sun’s activity – specifically, the processes of free energy accumulation in the Sun’s atmosphere and its transformation into energy with accelerated particles. It will also study the mechanisms of the accelerated particles from sunbursts and the correlation of solar activity with magnetic storms on Earth.
          The launch of Coronas starts a busy launch schedule for Russia. On Feb. 10,  Baikonur will launch the Progress M-66 cargo ship, which will take supplies to the International Space Station, followed by the launch of a Proton-M rocket on Feb. 11 carrying two new Russian Express-series communications satellites.
          On Feb. 20, the Russian Defense Ministry will orbit a satellite via the Proton carrier and on Feb. 26, a Zenit rocket will orbit a communications satellite for Telstar Communications.

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