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Quindar Secures $6M in Funding for Spacecraft Management AI Tools

By Abbey Weltman | February 6, 2024
Quindar spacecraft management software. Photo: Quindar

Quindar spacecraft management software. Photo: Quindar

Satellite network management startup Quindar raised an additional $6 million in seed extension rounds from FUSE with the continued investment from Y-Combinator and Funders Club, the company announced in late January. The company plans to use the funding to elevate its spacecraft management software using AI-driven insights and operations. 

Last January, Quindar raised $2.5 million to streamline Quindar Mission Management with satellite testing and automated operations. Since that investment, the company said it has validated most of its operations software. 

With many of Quindar’s customers planning to expand their fleet, the company sees an opening to fulfill market demand to operate multiple satellite buses and payloads from a single platform. 

According to CEO Nate Hamet, “Customers are facing operational challenges as they build their next-generation fleets and ground segments. Add the bottlenecks in satellite manufacturing and upgraded payload designs and it is forcing customers to purchase satellites from various manufacturers – all of which operate differently.” 

Quindar is also working with KSAT both to roll out their own multi-mission ops platform and support KSAT’s new satellite operations business unit. KSAT operates a global ground network of antennas that can support missions in LEO, MEO, GEO, and HEO, as well as Lunar missions. With Quindar Mission Management, KSAT is leveraging its existing infrastructure to offer satellite operations across all orbits.