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Thursday Morning Conversation with Swarm Technologies CEO Sara Spangelo

By Mark Holmes | September 3, 2020

      Sometimes timing is everything. Yesterday, Swarm Technologies saw its first 12 satellites successfully launched. So, naturally, Via Satellite’s Thursday Morning Conversation goes to California and we talk to Swarm Technologies CEO and Co-Founder Sara Spangelo. It is a super hip new space company with an exciting future. We talk to Sara on everything from the future of Swarm to dramas like “Space Force” and “Silicon Valley.” Sara is a big reader and we have been finding out what is her on reading list. I definitely think I need to add “Why We Sleep” to my future reading list. So, from new satellites and the bee industry (I am not kidding!) country music, books about sleep, this week’s TMC’s has a bit of everything, which is exactly how we like it.

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