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Azercosmos Partners with TheAngle for Middle East Service

By Rachel Jewett | May 8, 2020
Azersky Spot 7 Airbus

Digital rendering of Azersky in space. Photo: Azercosmos.

Azercosmos has signed a partnership with TheAngle, which provides satellite network services in the Middle East. The two companies announced May 6 that they plan to provide communication services including internet, network, voice, video, mobile, and other data services in the Middle East and Europe.

Hassaan Karim, general manager at TheAngle said the partnership with Azerbaijani satellite operator will complement its existing services and continue its position as a strong provider in the Energy sector in the Middle East. 

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with TheAngle, which will strengthen our presence in the satellite market and allow us to serve more customers,” Azercosmos CCO Mark Guthrie said.