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Arqit to Lead United Kingdom-Australia Space Bridge Project 

By | January 10, 2022

Photo: Arqit

Arqit Quantum has received a contract to bring its Federated Quantum System Project (FQS), which uses satellites to distribute quantum keys to data centers, to Australia. 

Arqit is based in the United Kingdom and was contracted by SmartsatCRC, which is based in Australia. This is part of the agreement between the U.K. and Australia known as “Space Bridge” to increase knowledge exchange and investment across the countries’ space sectors. 

FQS was developed with support from the UK Space Agency and the system consists of dedicated satellites, control systems, and QuantumCloud software. Under the agreement announced Monday, Arqit will work with the Australian government, Australia National University, and industrial partners to develop a plan for Australia to participate in FQS. 

“Australia is a critical ally and partner for the U.K. and U.S. so it is important that Australia has the opportunity to deploy FQS along with the other allied countries already committed,” commented Arqit CEO David Williams.