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Crystal Solutions Reveals New Carrier ID Detection System

By Rachel Scharmann | June 16, 2014
crystal carrier id

An infographic for Crystal Solutions’ Carrier Identification (Carrier ID) System. Photo: Crystal Solutions

[Via Satellite 06-16-2014] Crystal Solutions launched its Carrier ID Detection System, which allows users to quickly distinguish a satellite carrier. At the core, the system uses Crystal Carrier ID System Controller Software to direct the equipment and manage the identification process, such as logging each event of identification with an exact timestamp.

Uplinkers can comply with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Carrier ID mandate by using the system to confirm that their carrier is on air and displaying the correct information. Satellite access centers can use this system to immediately identify carriers that they control access for and to populate the central Carrier ID database with those identifications. Satellite operators can use this system for background Carrier ID detection and authentication. It can also provide a two-way bridge between payload operations and the central Carrier ID database, thus reducing the time it takes to identify a source of interference.