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MultiChoice Expands Coverage in Africa, Acquires Capacity on New Intelsat Satellite

By Rachel Scharmann | June 11, 2014
Ku-band capacity Intelsat 68.5 degrees east

Ku-band map of Intelsat 20 at 68.5 degrees east. Intelsat 36, set to launch in late 2016, will co-locate with Intelsat 20 at this position. Photo: Intelsat

[Via Satellite 06-11-2014] Intelsat signed a 15-year contract with MultiChoice, a pay-TV provider in Africa, for capacity on the operator’s new satellite, Intelsat 36. The satellite is expected to launch in late 2016 and will be co-located with the Intelsat 20 spacecraft at 68.5 degrees east, the main Intelsat Direct-to-Home (DTH) neighborhood serving Africa. MultiChoice has been a customer of Intelsat at this location since 1995.

Intelsat 36 will feature Ku-band and C-band services, of which MultiChoice will leverage the Ku-band payload.

“By growing our presence at Intelsat’s 68.5 degrees east neighborhood, we continue to bring our customers new and innovative features,” said Tim Jacobs, group CFO at MultiChoice. “Intelsat’s continued support will enable us to grow our business, providing viewers with high quality programming and compelling entertainment services.”