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MTN’s Hybrid Network Now on New Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

By Katie Kriz | February 13, 2014

Norwegian Getaway cruise ship. Photo: MTN

[Via Satellite 02-13-2014] Norwegian Cruise Line will be launching its new Norwegian Getaway ship with the MTN Communications hybrid communications network. This network enables both satellite and terrestrial broadband connectivity for higher performance at sea and in port.

With this new network, crew and guests will have access to around-the-clock connectivity during their trip on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Getaway ships. The MTN Terrestrial Broadband Network will help deliver faster connections that will allow passengers to bring their daily online habits with them to sea.

“With MTN’s hybrid satellite and terrestrial network, we know our crew and guests will have the communications experience they expect, increasing guest satisfaction and crew morale,” said Vincent Cirel, senior vice president and CIO of Norwegian Cruise Line.

The Norwegian Getaway ships have new software systems to support the hybrid network, and can maintain multiple types of connections simultaneously.