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Satellite Hardware Startup Somewear Labs Raises $13.7M Series A Round

By Rachel Jewett | September 23, 2022
The Somewear hotspot in a remote location.

The Somewear hotspot in a remote location. Photo: Somewear

Satellite hardware startup Somewear Labs Raises $13.7 million in its Series A round, which was led by a group of over a dozen current and former CEOs chaired by David Dorman, former CEO of AT&T. 

Somewear, founded in 2017, offers a software platform and satellite hardware for remote communications. It offers a Global Hotspot product that uses Iridium’s satellite network for off the grid communications geared toward defense, enterprise, and outdoor users. The company said this funding will increase the platform’s ability to assist in environments with unstable connectivity and expand the company’s global impact. 

“Somewear, if we win, it means someone with a broken leg in the backcountry can call for help. It means a rescue professional tending to a patient 1200 miles off the coast of California can receive guidance from a surgeon back on land. It means a team in a conflict zone can keep track of one another. And not uncommonly, it means a life is saved. That is the impact our team makes on a daily basis and what motivates us moving forward,” CEO James Kubik said in a LinkedIn post about the funding round. 

The investment group also included former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, and Silver Lake Partners co-CEO Egon Durban, and others. 

“Somewear has created a secure, feature-rich application platform with many potential use cases,” Dorman commented. “Our investment group has significant operational expertise and deep investment experience in the communication technology domain. I am excited to be involved and look forward to working closely with the Somewear team on their efforts to build a successful business.”