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GMV to Open New European Office To Help Support Space Activities

By | February 8, 2021
3D render of planet Earth viewed from space. Photo: NASA

3D render of planet Earth viewed from space. Photo: NASA

GMV is set to open a new office in Brussels as it looks to better support Europe’s initiatives in space, the company announced Monday. The company said opening a new permanent office will help reinforce dialogue with the European Union (EU) and will enable continuous and constructive communication with various institutions and stakeholders.

GMV’s space division is a key contributor of EU Space flagship programs such as Galileo, Copernicus, SST, Govsatcom, Horizon Europe, with a strong role in implementation of security and defense agendas, particularly in the European Defence Funds (EDFs). From its Brussels office, the company will bring local presence to strengthen communication and coordination with EU on ongoing programs and new initiatives such as the Secure Connectivity Constellation, Quantum Encrypted Communications and Space Traffic Management.

“This reflects the importance of GMV’s role and its ambition to be a key contributor in the development of the space sector in Europe, reinforcing from there its presence overseas,” Jorge Potti, general space manager, said in a statement