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Growers Edge, CropX Incentivize Farmers to Adopt Technology

By | December 18, 2019

Photo: Crop X

Growers Edge announced a partnership with CropX on Tuesday, Dec. 17, that the companies say will reduce risk and sustainably improve yields for farm operations. The companies aim to develop an agronomic prescription based on CropX field trial data and the Growers Edge analytics platform to create a model for farmers using CropX sensors to follow in an effort to improve yields and profitability. 

Farmers can participate in a 2020 pilot program that will feature an irrigation practice prescription. Growers Edge President and COO said in a news release that the partnership will incentivize farmers to try new technologies. 

“Giving farmers direct access to all of the intelligence below the ground empowers them to sustainably cultivate more profitable and productive farms by accurately predicting and managing crop needs. However, many farmers are hesitant to invest in soil sensing technologies after being burned by complex, expensive – and often even ineffective – technologies in the past,” said John Vikupitz, CropX president. “Our partnership with Growers Edge will help farms of all sizes and budgets confidently embrace in-soil data technologies.”