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New Speedcast Atlas Promo Offers Unlimited Data, Double Bandwidth

By | June 7, 2018

Speedcast’s Endless Summer campaign offers unlimited data and doubles bandwidth to new Speedcast Atlas customers. Photo Credit: Speedcast

Speedcast International is offering two promotions on its new Quota and VSAT Ku-band connectivity services through the remainder of the year. The promotion for Quota, a metered VSAT service sold in a gigabyte (GB) packages up to a 30GB plan, offers new Speedcast Atlas customers six months of unlimited data on select VSAT quota plans, with no overruns on usage. After six months, the normal selected quota plan will apply.

On the VSAT promotion, all new Speedcast standard activations will receive a period of double bandwidth on their VSAT subscriptions. Customers can either sign a one-year contract and double the committed bandwidth for the first three months of the contract, or they can sign a three-year contract and double the committed bandwidth for the remainder of 2018. The promotion covers Speedcast’s Guaranteed, Burst and Professional VSAT plans.

Each of the new Ku-band solutions is offered with a guaranteed minimum Committed Information Rate (CIR).