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Australia Gives $10M in Funding for Access Satellite Television Service

By | January 3, 2019
Photo: Government of South Australia.

Photo: Government of South Australia

Australian Minister for Regional Services Senator Bridget McKenzie revealed that the government is providing  $10 million in additional funding to secure the Viewer Access Satellite Television Service (VAST) for regional Australians until 2021.

VAST provides commercial and national television services free-to-air to around 500,000 Australian viewers in regional Australia, including 30,000 travelers. The government also released the 2018 review of the VAST service, which includes the key recommendation that the service should continue to be provided through the current satellite delivery model.

VAST has been operating since 2010, as part of the national switchover to digital television. The $10 million in additional funding will add to more than $127 million in funding committed to the service since 2010. VAST is also supported by contributions from broadcasters.