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Gilat Ships SkyEdge II Platform to Support Pacific Dataport in Alaska

By | July 21, 2021

Satellite dish in rural Alaska. Photo: Business Wire.

Gilat Satellite Networks entered into a strategic agreement with Pacific Dataport (PDI) to deliver Gilat SkyEdge II-c multi-service platform in support of  PDI’s expansion of ubiquitous broadband coverage in Alaska. The deal is estimated to be worth more than $5 million.

PDI said it would use the Gilat platform to deliver a Ka-band multiservice network that serves the Alaska market with both fixed and mobility applications. The company will offer fixed direct-to-home broadband service and an assortment of enterprise applications such as backup and full-time IP data services for businesses, organizations, schools, libraries, and government.

PDI said that its new mobility applications will include cruise ships, fishing boats and commercial aviation.

“After months of careful consideration and assessment of platforms on the market, Pacific Dataport selected Gilat due to its technological advancements, proven performance and global experience,” PDI VP of Engineering Shawn Fitzpatrick said in the contract announcement. “We chose to work with Gilat’s team of worldwide experts in leading-edge, high-performance satellite networking technology and equipment, and are confident that the SkyEdge II-c platform will meet our flexible application requirements.”