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Hispasat, Hispatec Extend Partnership for Agricultural Technology 

By | December 20, 2019
Photo: Hispasat

Photo: Hispasat

Hispasat and the Hispatec Group, which specializes in agricultural software, revealed Friday that they have signed an agreement to promote the use of new technologies in the agricultural sector in Europe, the Americas, and North Africa. The companies have agreed to extend the use of the Hispatec’s technological tools in these regions to provide digital management solutions for agricultural farms through satellite connectivity.

This expands on a pilot connectivity project the companies began carried this year in a crop field owned by Florette. The project brought broadband satellite connectivity Wi-Fi to the farm so workers could transmit the crop management data from their mobile devices in real time. 

Hispasat reports that in Spain, around 3.2 million people do not have access to a high-quality network, and the issue is more pronounced in Latin America, where the coverage by land-based infrastructures is not as extensive as in Spain and the agricultural areas are much larger. Hispasat aims to use its satellites bring connectivity to these areas to help manage farms.