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Hispasat Allays Amazonas Worries

By | September 20, 2004

      Spanish satellite operator Hispasat along with Hispamar Satellites confirmed that results of in-orbit tests carried out so far on the payload of satellite Amazonas have been positive. The Amazonas satellite was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) last month.

      Hispasat said the satellite will be put into service in a few weeks, once transmission tests have been concluded. There had been some concern due to decreased pressure in one of its two oxidant tanks, reported Aug. 27, as a result of a pressurized gas micro leak. However, Hispasat determined this leak doesn’t endanger the project, and its effective lifetime will be more than 10 years. The satellite is set to begin commercial services from its orbital position of 61 degrees West.

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