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Report: Lockheed Martin A2100 Bird Rated Most Reliable

By | August 6, 2004

      The most reliable satellite with the lowest percentage of in-orbit insurance claims and the broadest communications applications is the Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems A2100 model spacecraft, according to the latest research issued by Frost & Sullivan.

      Max Engel, space and communications industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said the ranking was based on the percentage of satellites in orbit with at least one insurance claim against it. He said that, of all the A2100s in orbit, only 13 percent have insurance claims against them. The Boeing [BA] 376 is slightly better, with only 11 percent of its in-orbit fleet having insurance claims against it, but Engel said the 376 is a smaller bird with more limited uses.

      Engel told Satellite Today that the total number of insurance claims against in-orbit satellites is “getting slightly better, but they are not getting better real fast.” The report advises satellite manufacturers to “engage in competition based on the total cost of ownership of their products” rather than compete for the lowest cost of the satellite itself since insurance premiums have become a significant part of the total cost of satellite ownership and the more reliable satellites will, in theory, have lower satellite premiums.

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