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Automotive Capital Group Markets GPS As Anti-Terrorism Solution

By | July 30, 2004

      Using the “anti-terrorism” buzzword as the hook and a $120-per-year fee as the bait, Automotive Capital Group Inc. is hoping to draw subscribers to its Anti-Terrorism Program that incorporates Navicom GPS asset tracking. Specifically, the program is available to trucking companies that are licensed to haul hazardous materials. Navicom does the things one would expect from a GPS asset-tracking system, including offering a panic button to notify the dispatch office in case of hijack, providing remote disabling functions, and creating a “virtual fence” when a truck wanders out from predetermined areas.

      The market Automotive Capital specifically is targeting is certainly not new, but the low price could make for an attractive purchase to long-haul hazmat shippers. And given the terrorism concerns surrounding the transport of such materials, especially with approval for a high-level nuclear waste-storage facility in Yucca Mountain, Nev., looming, services such as this could have help to alleviate some of the public concern about moving hazmat from point A to point B.

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