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Loral Skynet President Talks Private-Equity Trends

By | July 16, 2004

      Loral Skynet President Terry Hart believes the recent trend of private-equity firms investing in the satellite industry is a positive one. In recent months, private- equity firms have acquired significant interests in such operators as New Skies Satellites [NSK] and PanAmSat [SPOT].

      Hart told Satellite Today, “It demonstrates what all the satellite operators have been saying for some time, and that is we are undervalued. The private equity people have more latitude and they can come in and put their stake in the ground, realizing that they are undervalued assets. Some years from now when supply and demand is better balanced, the businesses are going to be very healthy. I think it is a very positive thing for the industry.”

      An exclusive, in-depth interview with Hart can be found in the July 19 issue of Satellite News. For more information about subscribing to Access Intelligence’s satellite newsletters, check out our Web site at

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