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New Skies Expands Satellite Internet Service In Asia, Latin America

By | June 10, 2004

      New Skies Satellites N.V. [NSK] officials today announced two new Internet offerings: IPsys Broadband for Asia and IPsys Bandwidth On Demand for Latin America.

      In Latin America, New Skies launched a new IP broadband network hub, provided by Shiron Satellite Communications, at the company’s Washington D.C., mediaport, to offer IPsys Bandwidth On Demand over the NSS-806 satellite. In Asia, New Skies IPsys Broadband uses the NSS-6 satellite to provide coverage as well as a Newtec DVB-RCS hub installed in an unnamed partner’s mediaport facility in Hong Kong.

      Both services have been designed to allow telecommunications companies, service providers, network integrators ISPs and other resellers to establish integrated networks by using the shared hubs to offer high-quality, cost-effective broadband Internet services virtually anywhere within coverage areas.

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