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Honeywell Awarded $1.7 Billion In NASA Contracts

By | October 23, 2003

      Honeywell Technology Solutions, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based unit of Honeywell [NYSE: HON], has been awarded two National Aeronautics and Space Administration contracts with a potential value of $1.7 billion. Under one contract, Honeywell will provide mission operations and support for the Goddard Space Flight Center, which includes support for the Solar Heliospheric (SOHO) satellite as well as support for satellites that examine the Earth’s atmosphere. Under the second contract, Honeywell will provide networking services for NASA, including program management, ground and space network operations, systems engineering, hardware and software development, and maintenance and support for NASA’s Tracking Data Relay Satellite System. The system consists of a constellation of nine satellites that are the primary communication architecture for the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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