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EADS Astrium To Build Satellite To Monitor Wind

By | October 23, 2003

      The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded a contract to EADS Astrium (UK) [PNK: EADSF] to build the Aeolus satellite that will monitor winds from space. No financial terms were disclosed. The satellite, due to be launched on a three-year mission in 2007, will further knowledge of the Earth’s atmosphere and weather systems by being the first to provide detailed globe surveillance of winds from space. Aeolus will be placed in a sunsynchronous orbit at an altitude of 400 kilometers (248.5 miles). The Aeolus mission is expected to cost 300 million euros ($353.2 million) over eight years. The UK government’s share of the project is 57.5 million euros ($67.7 million).

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