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Rainbow DBS Introduces Impressive HDTV Programming Lineup

By | October 16, 2003

      NEW YORK — Rainbow DBS showed signs of becoming a viable new satellite TV competitor when it unveiled 21 exclusive HDTV channels yesterday that offer unparalleled video quality.

      The key to launching a successful service will be compelling content, said Charles Dolan, chairman of Cablevision Systems [NYSE: CVC], the parent company of Rainbow DBS. VOOM, the satellite TV service launched Wednesday by Rainbow DBS, is differentiating itself from current satellite TV and cable operators by offering a comprehensive array of commercial-free, high-definition (HD) channels to customers throughout the continental United States.

      To entice subscribers, VOOM will give charter subscribers free service through the end of January 2004, along with far more HD programming than any other satellite or cable operator offers, said Mickey Alpert, chief operating officer of Rainbow DBS. By February 2004, VOOM’s programming will expand to 39 HD channels and 88 standard-definition channels, including more than 40 cable offerings.

      Sears [NYSE: S], one of the largest U.S. retailers of HDTV sets, is VOOM’s exclusive retailer through January 2004 and began to sell VOOM equipment through its 851 full-line stores and 772 Sears dealers stores across the country this week. The VOOM equipment is priced at $749 and needs an accompanying HDTV set to receive the HD service.

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