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Eutelsat Confident HDTV Will Make Impact in Europe

By | July 14, 2003

      Paris-based satellite operator Eutelsat wantsto be one of the key players in bringing the high-definition TV (HDTV) experience to European consumers, according to CEO Giuliano Berretta. He told SATELLITE TODAY: “I believe that we will see HDTV taking a higher place on the agenda. Eutelsat already has gained experience with high-definition as we have been working with Elsacom on HD satellite transmission of films to a number of cinemas in Europe for the last two years. Digital broadcasting will develop in two directions from its current DVB/MPEG2 platform: MPEG4 for PC viewing and HDTV for the widescreen experience.”

      An exclusive interview with Giuliano Berretta can be found in the July 16 issue of Interspace. For more information about subscribing to PBI Media‘s satellite newsletters, check out our Web site at

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