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Dyband Delivers IP Traffic Management for Nunavut

By | July 3, 2003

      Dyband, an Ottawa, Canada-based supplier of IP traffic management products to service providers, governments and enterprises, Thursday announced delivery of a multi-site IP traffic management solution to the government of Nunavut, an Inuit territory located in northern Canada. The Dyband product is being used by Nunavut to manage traffic dynamically and evaluate traffic conditions throughout its network topology.

      In addition, Industry Canada and Telesat have provided Nunavut with 12.5 MHz of satellite transponder space to be used exclusively for program-specific traffic on the Nunavut Community Services Network, which connects schools, libraries, colleges and health centers throughout the territory. The government is using Dyband to allocate bandwidth dynamically over this broadband connection and to segregate public benefits traffic from core government operations.

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