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FCC To Promote the Use of Electronic Filing for Satellite Applications

By | June 25, 2003

      The Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve an item tomorrow that would expand the use of electronic filing for satellite and earth station applications. The item is the third in a series of agency moves designed to improve the satellite and earth station licensing process. The first was the April order instituting a “first-come, first-served” process for satellite license applications, and the second allowed satellite operators to move their satellites around to different orbital slots without first clearing it with the FCC. The decision expected to be taken Thursday will implement an interactive “EZ form” for earth station applications and a standard electronic form for technical specifications of proposed satellite systems. These measures are designed to: 1) give the public better access to data, 2) make it easier to file satellite and earth station applications, 3) promote swifter FCC action on applications, and 4) encourage more efficient data use and storage, according to the agency.

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