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Spacehab Adds Three Contracts For STS 107 Mission

By | August 30, 2000

      Spacehab Inc. [SPAB] said it has finalized contract agreements to fly three additional experiments aboard the company’s Research Double Module on a Space Shuttle mission next year.

      The three new contracts, valued at slightly more than $1 million, bring the total value of the company’s flight contracts for the STS 107 mission in June 2001 to about $36.9 million.

      Under the largest of the new contracts, worth $922,000, Spacehab will provide research services for a European Space Agency experiment called ERISTO (European Research in Space and Terrestrial Osteoporosis).

      Spacehab said this will be the first experiment that it will handle under ESA’s Microgravity Applications Promotion Program.

      The second new contract, valued at $83,000, calls for Spacehab to support an experiment being developed by Japanese students under the Space Technology and Research Students (STARS) program, which is managed by Spacehab’s Space Media Inc. subsidiary.

      The third contract with the university and the Japan Space Utilization Promotion Center, worth about $40,000, is for the flight of a Japan/U.S. Space Protein Crystal Growth experiment on STS 107, Spacehab said. The experiment will use its Commercial Macromolecular Protein Crystal Growth Facility, which it manages jointly with the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

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