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XipLink Acquires Sevis Systems Backhaul Assets

By | December 11, 2018
Cell Towers IMT

Cell towers. Photo: Andrew Hart (Flickr)

XipLink acquired certain assets from Sevis Systems, designed to optimize cellular traffic onto Internet Protocol (IP)-based backhaul links. Specifically, XipLink is acquiring the 6000 series product line for circuit oriented (E1/T1) base station connections, the 7000 series for IP base station connections and all related intellectual property associated with these products. Sevis Systems will continue to focus on their core signaling solutions unrelated to the cellular backhaul business.

“We are very excited for our existing customers and the Sevis account base to provide cellular backhaul optimization solutions for every generational standard in the marketplace,” Jack Waters, CEO at XipLink noted. “In the last few years, XipLink has significantly grown this vertical market using superior Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) acceleration, compression and caching techniques for 2.5G, 3G, and 4G connections over satellite and other stressed networks. Starting today, this will make XipLink the largest independent (not owned or controlled by a modem manufacturer) provider of cellular backhaul optimization systems over satellite”.

With the Sevis 6000 circuit-based product, which will be renamed the XS-S6000 series, XipLink will now offer standards-based optimization of voice and signaling traffic for 2G Mobile Network Operators (MNO) networks. The Sevis 7000 packet-based products are renamed the XS-S7000 series and will be supported at their current software level. Lastly, for customers that desire to convert Sevis 7000 appliances to XipLink’s Advanced Cellular Compression (ACC) solution set with more advanced networking features, a software upgrade option will be provided to the marketplace by the end of February 2019. The Sevis 6000 and 7000 series products will be quickly assimilated into XipLink’s product line and available for order immediately with a two-week lead time.