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RigNet Locks in Cyber-security Deal with Singtel

By | August 8, 2018
RigNet Locks in Cyber-security Deal with Singtel

Photo: CyphreLink

RigNet has won a lucrative cyber-security contract with one of Asia’s biggest telcos. It has signed a deal with Singtel to provide its global customers with CyphreLink, a sophisticated satellite and terrestrial encrypted network service. CyphreLink is a cyber-security service that aims to provide fully encrypted location to location communications protection efficiently without impacting network latency or performance. The hardware-based encryption allows military-grade data security, with little to no overhead on the payload. CyphreLink prevents eavesdropping and will reduce the chance of a data breach.

“We are honored to partner with Singtel to bring CyphreLink to the region to enhance cyber-security for their customers’ satellite links and terrestrial networks,” said Steven Pickett, CEO and President of RigNet. “We are committed to providing the industry’s finest end-to-end protection, whether at rest or in motion, and we look forward to helping our customers to achieve that objective.”