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iDirect iQ 200 Remote Lives Up to Expectations in IsoTropic Test

By | June 5, 2018
VT iDirect

IsoTropic testing of the iDirect iQ 200 Remote achieves close to 200Mbps aggregate throughput, outperforming competitor products. Photo Credit: VT iDirect

IsoTropic Networks, a global solutions provider of satellite internet services, has announced that its live, Over-The-Air (OTA) test of DVB-S2/S2X has found that early tests of the new iDirect iQ 200 Series were able to outperform competitive products reaching close to 200 Mbps aggregate throughput.

IsoTropic tested the new iDirect iQ 200 Series in a lab setting with a Modulation and Coding (MODCOD) of 256 Amplitude and Phase-Shift Keying (APSK). The IsoTropic team then conducted live OTA tests saturating a 36MHz transponder, using 32APSK and a 1.2m antenna, having the iQ 200 operated at speeds of over 130Mbps with zero errors or packets loss. In both lab and OTA test scenarios, the iQ 200 outperformed competitors.

The iQ 200 is part of iDirect’s iQ Remote portfolio, a series that features next-generation DVB-S2/DVB-S2X. It has mobility features such as GPS input, OpenAMIP, S2/S2X beam switching, up to 45Msps DVB-S2, 119Msps DVB-S2X, and 15Msps adaptive Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA). The iQ 200, available as a rackmount form factor and board level product, is designed for the smaller enterprise, cellular backhaul and transport mobility markets, such as land mobility applications and small offshore vessels. It is planned for commercial release this summer.