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CPI Will Provide Antenna Systems for SkyVision’s GiSat 1

By | June 22, 2017
      Global-IP Caymn's GiSat 1. Photo: Boeing.

      Global-IP Caymn’s GiSat 1. Photo: Boeing.

      SkyVision has selected Communications & Power Industries (CPI) to provide Telemetry, Tracking And Command (TT&C) antenna systems for use with the GiSat 1 Ka-band satellite now under construction. For the joint project, CPI will provide eleven 9.4-meter antenna systems to SkyVision for use with its satellite platform, which will serve sub-Saharan Africa by providing 150 Gbps of capacity for broadband to a region of more than 800 million people in 39 countries. Together, the two firms will install and deploy the antenna systems at 11 gateways located throughout Europe.

      CPI’s TT&C antenna systems will help maintain peak performance of the satellite while it is in orbit, SkyVision stated. The systems’ features include a patented sub-reflector tracking, which enables the antenna to track the satellite to within one-one thousandth of a degree without moving the main reflector, providing not only greater accuracy but reduced operating and maintenance expenses. This technology is paired with a monopulse feed system to provide inherent redundancy support.

      CPI expects delivery and installation of the antennas to begin in mid-2018 and to be completed in 2019.