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Orange Business Services Supports Comms for Arkas Line Fleet and Offices

By | February 9, 2017
      Orange engineer installs network equipment on board.

      Orange engineer installs network equipment on board. Photo: Orange Business Services.

      Arkas Line is enhancing communications across its fleet and international offices with a hybrid network, Maritime Connect, and security services from Orange Business Services. The solution helps Arkas expand its business with a single source provider for secure global networks, covered by Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) and with global helpdesk support. The hybrid network is optimized for unified communications and enables Arkas’ employees to use corporate applications, including voice, video and instant messaging communications securely across its entire global operation.

      The on-board network is provided by Maritime Connect, which integrates the fleet into Arkas’ corporate network. This enables Arkas to access critical applications for the operation of its vessels at sea, such as maintenance software, real-time reports, database access, e-mail, internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Connecting the fleet also improves data flow between the fleet and terrestrial sites, and allows Arkas to deploy new real-time services. These include geolocation for its vessels, transmission of electronic data on the status of the fleet and monitoring consumables on each vessel.

      “The vessels are also better equipped to manage safety issues and ensure regulatory compliance, in close contact with the headquarters, quickly and effectively,” said Mert Oruz, CIO of Arkas Holding.

      Arkas Line’s M/V Pierre A vessel

      Arkas Line’s M/V Pierre A vessel. Photo: Arkas Line.