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Motiv Taps iDirect to Expand Rural Satellite Services

By | January 23, 2017
      Vologda, Russia.

      Vologda, Russia.

      [Via Satellite 01-23-2017] Motiv, a mobile service provider based in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city, will be extending its investment in the iDirect platform to deliver 4G/LTE data service across Russia’s rural areas, with the aim to offer data coverage in cost-sensitive markets.

      Motiv currently uses iDirect satellite network infrastructure as a GSM-backhaul solution to provide 2G coverage to an estimated 100 remote locations over thousands of kilometers. The service expansion will leverage the iDirect SatHaul solution, the newly launched X7-EC remote and iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) technology. The new iDirect-based network promises a 20 percent gain in efficiency over terrestrial networks due to the use of iDirect SatHaul for the data overlay network, and will provide coverage as an overlay to Motiv’s 2G satellite-connected sites.