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Thuraya and WiCis Sports Offer Connectivity Solution to Himalayan Expeditions

By | March 30, 2016
      Thuraya Himalaya

      Thuraya satellite tech will enable connectivity for phones and wearable devices. Photo: Thuraya

      [Via Satellite 03-30-2016] Thuraya has joined forces with WiCis Sports in a bid to support climbing expeditions to the Himalayas. The expedition, beginning on March 19, is part of a six-month project that will take climbers from Jomsom in Nepal, to Lo Manthang, on to a high-altitude trek, followed by a trip to K2 in June.

      Thuraya has donated its IP+ terminal, SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot to help Madison Mountaineering climbers stay in touch during their expedition. Madison Mountaineering is a boutique mountain guide service based in the United States that specializes in mountaineering expeditions to the “7 Summits” and other renowned peaks, climbed and unclimbed, in extremely remote regions.

      The WiCis Adventure Sports Solution includes small, wearable devices that compile and save data such as heart rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation, location, altitude and speed of each climber. This data is then uploaded to the cloud via the Thuraya IP+, SatSleeve+ or SatSleeve Hotspot and is accessible and downloadable in real time by health professionals and the climbers themselves. The climbers also have access to weather updates and can upload their data to social media platforms using the lightweight satellite products.

      “It is essential that people have the necessary equipment to keep themselves safe while on their adventures. This solution is evidence that the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices is here today,” said Randy Roberts, chief innovation officer at Thuraya.