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NSSLGlobal Adds New Beams from Gazprom and Intelsat

By Caleb Henry | January 28, 2016
      NSSLGlobal VSAT coverage

      NSSLGlobal VSAT coverage map. Photo: NSSLGlobal

      [Via Satellite 01-28-2016] NSSLGlobal has upgraded its VSAT network by activating two new satellite beams, one from Gazprom Space Systems, and one from Intelsat, for maritime and land connectivity.

      From Gazprom, NSSLGlobal added a Ku-band beam from the Yamal 402 satellite at 55 degrees east, which covers Sub-Saharan Africa and waters around Madagascar and the Indian Ocean. The second beam, which is C-band, comes from Intelsat 23 at 53 degrees west, and is specifically targeted to give increased capacity and alternative look angles for vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. The beam also covers most of the North and South American mainland, coastal waters to the west of Mexico, and significant coastline around the South Americas.

      NSSLGlobal’s VSAT network covers 95 percent of the Earth’s surface, including all of the world’s major commercial shipping routes, mining areas, offshore oilrigs and fishing domains. These additional beams extend the network and provide greater availability through overlapping coverage in key areas of these markets.