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NWG Selects Globalstar’s and Lone Worker Solutions to Enhance Safety

By | January 11, 2016
      Globalstar Spot Gen3

      Globalstar’s Spot Gen3 satellite device. Photo: Globalstar

      [Via Satellite 01-11-2016] U.K. water provider Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) has selected Globalstar Europe Satellite Services’ Spot Gen3 safety device to track and protect lone and remote workers. The initial deployment of more than 300 Spot Gen3 devices enhances the safety of 1,500 employees who carry out checks on reservoirs in remote areas, where GSM signal can be unreliable or non-existent. A “low-risk” category of occasional lone workers, either in offices or in the field, have access to a bespoke smartphone app for summoning help as part of a unique solution developed by Globalstar’s specialist partner, Lone Worker Solutions, who spearheaded the agreement.

      Lone Worker Solutions provides a unified platform that monitors both voice calls and SMS from smartphones and alert messages from Spot Gen3s. Calls and SOS alerts go to Lone Worker Solutions’ operations center and to NWG’s employee support center for prompt handling. The ability to provide accurate information about all devices in one inclusive interface helps make safety operations seamless and more effective.

      Typically, in a safety system deployment, an organization sets up a shared pool of devices. Instead, Northumbrian Water Group allows its most at-risk staff to have their own Spot Gen3 device, making operations more efficient as staff do not need to return to central offices to sign devices in and out.