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Etihad Airways, Yahsat to Test High-Speed Satellite IFC

By | November 9, 2015
      Etihad A320 IFC

      Etihad Airways is partnering with Yahsat to trial high-speed IFC on board its A320. Photo: Etihad

      [Via Satellite 11-09-2015] Yahsat, the United Arab Emirates-based satellite operator, has announced its plan to test high-speed, in-flight satellite connectivity using an Etihad Airways Airbus A320.

      The collaboration will allow both UAE companies to work together to trial in-flight satellite connectivity via Ka-band on a test aircraft. With Ka-band solutions, speeds of up to 50 mbps to the plane are commonplace, according to Yahsat, allowing passengers to have the necessary bandwidth to stream video and enable applications such as video conferencing.
      “The testing of the new satellite connectivity is a key step for Yahsat, as it signifies the beginning of our journey towards expanding into a growing global market segment in in-flight connectivity,” said Yahsat CEO Masood Sharif Mahmood.