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Orange Business Solution Integrates Ships into the Corporate Network

By | September 25, 2015
      Orange engineer installs network equipment on board.

      Orange engineer installs network equipment on board. Photo: Orange Business Services / Business Wire

      [Via Satellite 09-25-2015] Orange Business Services has released a fully industrialized product to deliver key communications functionality and connectivity required at sea. Maritime Connect allows shipping companies to integrate their fleet into the corporate network and provide Internet access for crew and applications.

      Maritime Connect delivers voice, VoIP, data and Internet access in one solution, independent of the communication technology used. Shipping companies, IT managers, captains and the crew can control access to data and voice services on board vessels or remotely from shore. It can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications systems. The solution was developed over a year as part of a European Union initiative dedicated to improving communications on vessels at sea.