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Inmarsat, Partners Bring Connectivity to Nigeria and Kenya

By | August 13, 2015

      Artist’s impression of Alphasat. Photo: ESA

      [Via Satellite 08-13-2015] Inmarsat has received funding for telecommunications projects in Nigeria and Kenya through the U.K. Space Agency’s $50 million, two-year International Partnership Space Program. The company is a central partner, working alongside a group of international organizations including Equity Bank Group and Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) for the program, called Digital Frontiers. For the initial projects, Inmarsat is deploying its most advanced L-band communications satellite, Alphasat, to deliver data connectivity solutions.

      In Kenya, Inmarsat has provided connectivity to more than 200 locations with the Equity Bank Group, enabling financial services, welfare and other content access through a Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminal pre-loaded with a range of educational materials and apps covering agriculture and business, among other topics. In Nigeria, Inmarsat is partnering with MAMA to deliver maternal and child health services to 50 remote, rural communities.

      Called The MAMA Connect Project, the onsite system is pre-loaded with MAMA’s evidence-based, culturally sensitive health information. The satellite network updates the content and provides real-time connectivity for pregnant and new mothers to interact online.

      In tandem with the Kenya and Nigeria projects, Inmarsat is also working alongside a range of partners to examine the business model affordability of providing connectivity to remote locations. The idea is to identify relevant cultural and social dynamics that can help foster and sustain future connectivity programs. The results will be funneled into further pilot projects in Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Philippines.