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Globalstar Tops 7,000 New European Spot Customers in 2014

By | January 15, 2015
      SPOT products

      From left: the Spot Connect, Spot Global Phone, Spot Gen3 Satellite Messenger, Spot Trace, Spot Gen2 Satellite Messenger. Photo: Spot, LLC

      [Via Satellite 01-15-2015] Globalstar’s European subsidiary Globalstar Europe Satellite Services reached a record annual number of new subscribers for the Spot satellite tracking and communications product. Capable of asset tracking, location-based messaging and emergency notification, and of making calls beyond the reach of mobile signals, Globalstar added 7,033 in Spot users in 2014.

      According to Globalstar, customers initiated 27 rescues in Europe in 2014 using Spot products, contributing to more than 600 rescues worldwide last year. Spot products triggered more than 3,400 rescues since product launch in 2007, currently averaging one rescue every day.