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Thuraya Sponsors SatSleeve, Airtime for International News Safety Institute

By | December 11, 2014
      Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution protest

      Protestors facing tear gas from police in the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution. Photo: Pasu Au Yeung (Flickr)

      [Via Satellite 12-11-2014] Thuraya has partnered with the International News Safety Institute (INSI) to use Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) for the protection of journalists working in dangerous environments. The company is sponsoring a Thuraya SatSleeve and airtime as part of the partnership. INSI intends to use these resources for safety preparation workshops.

      “One of the key ways that journalists and media organizations can improve their safety is by having a solid communications plan in place, which outlines what they should do in emergencies. In areas of the world where phone networks aren’t reliable or available, satellite phones and their technology are absolutely key to safety,” said Hannah Storm, director of INSI.

      Through News Xchange, Thuraya has supported other non-profit organizations such as the Rory Peck Trust, Sebastian Meyer’s Metrography in Iraq, and Global Voices.